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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Group..teamwork..together..bind..a bouquet..klau nak patahkan sebatang lidi mmg snang tapi kalau nak patahkan seikat lidi ianya akan mmerlukan tenaga yang bnyak dan silap2 hari bulan kita xkan dapat patahkan seikat lidi trsebut wlaupun keadaan lidi yang kurus kering(kurus kering?mana aq belajar bahasa ni)..anyway..ianya sama la mcm kehidupan kita..klau kita brseorangan je memang senang orang nak tipu and perdayakan kita tapi klau kita brkumpulan and yang paling penting sekali kita mngikat tali perpaduan yang kuat n erat xkan ade orang yang akan aniaya kita(ok..except our own groupmate) as a family..remember that..your best friends around you is one of the i mention just now..except from your family,they will make a great groupmate..just imagine how do they care about you and how hurt their heart is when they see us in a miserable state..we will sometimes asked ourselves"why do they care so much on me..we're not siblings nor relatives nor someone that i thought will take care of me just like their own family..own siblings or own relative.."Sometimes that is something unique about a group or may i specificly said 1st we met each other we will feel so awkward and not cared too much on them but then..without we realized something our relationship will gradually develop into something as we said like FAMILY..selalu jumpa dngan orang mcm ni and akhirya dorang jadi kawan baik anis yang sngat2 baik and sangat2 caring tak kira la time anis happy or sedih..dorang akan sntiasa dngan anis..jauh or dekat they will always support must feel the same way too..isn't it..hahahahahaha
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