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Saturday, 21 September 2013

HOLIDAY!!!!!my special holiday..kan bagus klau dpat pergi tempat mcm ni dngan kawan2 or my own family..we always thought that this world as easy as anis je yang pkir mcm tu..hahaha tapi bila dah lalui pelbgai jenis dugaan and brjumpa dngan ramai orang barula anis sedar yang hidup ni xdela semudah yang kita sangka..but one thing that i'm sure about life will be a whole lot better if I can spend all my precious time with all my friends and seeing them smiling so bright can bring happiness into my never erase that happy face from your life..klau korang stress just......bgtau je anis hahahaha..kadang2 pun anis stress jgk ea x hahahahahaha..for me friendship is something that is way tooooo much precious in our matter wherewe go we will meet someone that will be our bestfriend and there is no island without a man on it..same with us..we cannot live on our own..eventhough we're already an independent person by hook or by crook we will need someone to support us from the matter what just go on with our life and enjoy it as long as God gave us oxygen to breath hahahaha sains sngat aq ni..oxygen ea x..bye2 have a nice day:)
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