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Wednesday, 25 September 2013 thing that we must know is..travelling make us more knowledgeable and sometimes it will make us realize that no other place that is much better than our own country..i'm so glad that i can make it to place that i never thought will be sooo much beautiful and a very nice and warm thing that all my lecturers and seniors said is "make sure you GRADUATE ON TIME.."hahahaha i will try hahahahaha..everything here is so amazing that sometimes i thought that i never leave the Peninsular Malaysia but in reality..i'm in Sarawak..state that has a lot of heritage and culture and nature that need to be explored by us..all the seniors also said "kenali Sarawak and korang akan jatuh cinta dngan BUMI KENYALANG"i think maybe one day this words will become a reality and it will come out from my own mouth..
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