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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Masa berlalu dngan pantas kan..rasa mcm baru smlm je kita sama2 dngan kawan2 and classmate kita time lower and upper secondary..sekarang dah masuk U and dalam masa yang singkat ni je kita dah kenal ramai orang and dah interact dngan dorang..I've never knew that I will gain soooo much friends..and the most important thing is..God have help me a know why?because He had gave me the chance to met and interact with the nicest person in this world..MY FRIEND..I LOVE THEM..SARANGHAE..WO AI NI MEN..hopefully yang friendship ni akan brkekalan and both of me and my friends will never change ourselves..i mean if for a good self changes it's OK..but if for a negative self changes it will be K.O..hahahaha anyway..just be ourself because we are special in our own way...
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